Comparison of Online Craps Casinos

The popular dice game Craps made its way from England and Arabia into the United States. From north to south and back again, the street game was a favorite with soldiers, poorer folks and everyday joes while the casino version gained success with the wealthy, businessmen and politicians. From the early 1800′s until the 1990′s, craps was a rousing favorite in casinos for all kinds of patrons.

In the 1990′s, however, the appearance of slots and other machine games stole some of the thunder from craps. Having now reached a space in online casino world, the resurgence of the game is inevitable. For craps players, there are a number of good online casinos offering craps games. Forums and websites dedicated to craps games and strategy typically list their top picks for help in evaluating online craps casinos. Regardless of where the “experts” list, some players will also find their favorite places to play craps based on any number of evaluation criteria.

Evaluating On True Craps Odds

Most online casinos offer standard bank craps, on at least one table in the online casino. Depending on the casino, there may be more than one craps table available, but since games can hold up to a dozen rotating players, it likely depends on how much action their craps game receives from online players.

Regular craps players understand that the biggest pieces of information you need in order to play well and potentially win are the odds and the house edge. There are ways to bet that minimize the house edge, of course, but casinos offering “true craps odds” will have a standard pass line bet with a house edge of approximately 1.41%. When looking at good online craps casinos, making sure to find one with the standard house edge is essential.

One craps discussion website highlights the following list of casinos as those offering a standard house edge and “true craps odds,” making them key online craps casinos for dedicated craps players. U.S. players are welcome at all these USA online craps casinos.

Evaluating On Craps Table Graphics

Some players have a greater preference for playing online craps at a table with red felt versus green felt. Others want the table to be simple, two colors, while some fellow players want a multiple color table that easily distinguishes the segments of the table. With a wealth of online craps casinos available, there are plenty of choices for players to choose from. Frankly, this dynamic about playing craps is much more a matter of preference than a particular evaluation tool for a quality craps website, but to a certain contingent of players, bonuses aside, this will be the final determining factor about where to play online craps.

Red felt craps tables with multi-color betting zones (white lines, red and yellow bet markers) are found in all the Club World Casinos, including Aladdin’s Gold, Club USA Casino and Lucky Red Casino. For some online players, the red felt background seems easier on the eyes while playing. For others, the similarity in colors is more difficult to distinguish and can become frustrating during play. Club USA at offers a $777 new player bonus.

Another green felt variation is at Bovada Casino, The background felt is a softer blue-green, with mostly white and yellow betting zones. Red zones are only used for the Come bets and the Big 6 and 8 areas, to clearly set those apart. Bovada is a good craps option for new players because their casino offers a free-play practice mode for craps, so novice players can get more experience with the table, the various betting options and the game of craps overall. Bovada may be the only online craps casino with a practice game version.

Like every craps player has a particular style of stance, throwing method and “lucky” charms to help their craps roll become a winner, each player will also find a way to evaluate the online craps casino that is the best-fit table for him. Whether he remains a committed player at one casino’s table or a floater among several great craps casinos, his options have a wide variety. The again growing attraction of craps via online craps casinos is here to stay.