Craps Rules

There are many different Craps rules to learn, but they vary in importance. There are different rules to learn for playing Craps at a live casino, but because you are likely primarily focused on online Craps, those will be the main concern of this page.

Craps Rule #1 – Allow for Bigger Swings

There will be more hands played per hour when you are playing Craps online. This effectively means that you can win or lose more in the same amount of time than you would expect at a live casino. One of the first lessons that you will learn when playing Craps online is to pay very close attention to proper bankroll management. You need to leave yourself in a position where you can handle a big loss. Otherwise, you won’t have a chance to win at the next session. Work out how many hands you play in an hour on average, and bet each round accordingly.

Craps Rule #2 – Make Smart Bets

Basically, you want to make bets with the lowest house edge as often as possible. The more edge the house has, the more money you have the chance to lose over time. Make sure you understand the implications of each bet before you begin to play. offers many Craps strategy articles to help you understand each bet. If you just want to learn the basics, then learn how to make a Pass Line Bet. This will hold you in good stead, is a lot of fun and only has a house edge of 1.41%. Indeed, the Pass Line Bet is the most popular Craps bet at any online or offline casino.

Craps Rule #3 – Take Advantage of Signup Bonuses

Each online casino will offer you a first deposit bonus. Not all of them will allow you to clear the bonus while playing Craps, however. This bonus is applied when players sign up to play at an online casino. Craps is sometimes placed on the list of not being able to clear casino bonuses because of the relatively small house edge. For this reason, it is important to research every online casino before playing Craps there. You can do this easily by reading through our review section of the best online Craps casinos on the Internet. Read through the reviews carefully if you would like to receive a bonus that will give you the biggest Craps bonus with the smallest investment.

Craps Rule #4 – Learn How to Use Casino Software

Most online casinos operate in a similar way. You download Craps software from their official web site and install on your computer (unless you want to play flash version). After you do this, you go to the cashier section of your favorite online Craps casino and deposit money. Once you have completed your deposit, you can begin to play the actual game of Craps. Simply click on what chip amount you want to bet and then click on the appropriate Craps table bet. There is also a “clear bets” button that will wipe out the bets you have made so you can start again. Finally, there is a button that you can use to roll the dice.

One of the fundamental Craps rules you should keep in mind is to bet smaller when you first start playing at a casino you haven’t played at before. You may even want to play for free money while you get used to the Craps casino and their software. This will prevent you from making a mistake and betting too much money because you do not understand the Craps software.

Craps Rule #5 – Never Play With Money you Can’t Afford to Lose

Problem gambling has become a major issue around the world. You can avoid allowing Craps to become an addiction by never betting more money than you can afford to lose. There are horror stories about Craps players losing their car, house or even family because they used credit to fund online Craps accounts and ended up losing more than they had to play with. If you find that you are constantly depositing more money in your online Craps account, you may need to reevaluate your choice of game.

Craps is only fun when played with disposable income. Think of it as an entertainment expense and budget it accordingly. If you have money left over after paying your bills and taking care of your family or other obligations, you can make a small deposit to play Craps online. Be willing to take some time off of real money Craps if you need to use your money elsewhere. By keeping the game fun and watching your bankroll, you can reap all of Crap’s benefits without its costs.