Craps Betting Systems

There a number of gambling systems that promise or even “guarantee” winnings. The truth is, most players know that using a system to play Craps doesn’t really work. In fact, there is a common belief among Craps players world wide that the Craps systems don’t work at all. They can create a false feeling of confidence and profit.

Actually, none of the systems work due to a flaw called the “gambler’s fallacy.” It’s “the doctrine of the maturity of chances”, that is, what has not yet occurred is more likely to take place. A number of systems have been invented based on this fallacy but nothing really works and the casinos obviously relish these systems as it means more profit for them.

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The Martingale System

The Martingale system is famous all over the world for its guaranteed win to any player. In this system, the player doubles his bet in each round that he loses. It’s advised to start with the minimum bet to allow for more losing bets. The theory is that you will eventually win, therefore erasing the losses. If you win the first round, it is a profit. This system is popular with bets such as pass line in Craps and Black or Red in Roulette.

However, in truth, it’s easier to lose money in this system than to gain. If you lose a number of bets in a row, you will definitely lose all your money by doubling it at every bet. You cannot predict any resulting bets and previous bets have absolutely no link with any of your future bets in this system.

The other important point to note with this system is that Craps tables now have a table maximum bet. This gives the casinos a safeguard against players using this system. Even with the smallest Martingale starting bets, you can only having 6-7 losing bets before this system is ineffective.

The Iron Cross System

The Iron Cross system is another globally recognized strategy in Craps systems. With this system, you can almost win with every roll of dice. The only number that results in a loss is 7. There are several other variations of this method like the Unbeatable Iron Cross and the Iron Cross with Pass Line bet that minimizes the chances of loss by the roll of 7.

The main flaw in this system is that it uses two different types of bets with relatively high house edges. It combines the Field Bet with the Place bet to cover all the numbers besides the 7. The house edge of using the Iron Cross System is 3.87%

Should You Use Craps Betting Systems?

This is a matter of personal preference, of course. It is fine to use these systems as long as you understand how they work. They have been proven to not give you a house edge and, in fact, the house edge is worse than a Pass Line Bet.

On the other hand, a house edge of 3.87% on the Iron Cross System is still pretty low compared to a lot of other casino games and online slots. They can be fun and you can still come out a winner. Just because, statistically, the edge isn’t in your favor, you are not set up to lose every time.