Craps Tournaments

If you have mastered the basics of Craps and waiting to have a table experience, then Craps tournaments are the right option for you. There are large numbers of online and live casinos that organize Craps tournaments. Craps tournaments are generally organized every weekend and casinos demand very low entry fees so even a novice player can try their hand at a tournament.

Some of the top Internet casinos even offer free entry to attract more players to the tables and this could be a great place to get started. But there are also some tournaments that charge a couple of dollars or even higher and the grand prizes of such tournaments are amazing. But if you have a command over Craps and willing to make a huge investment then Craps tournaments are worth it.

Craps tournaments are organized in a set of small tourneys. In tournaments of large investments generally the top two players of each round proceed to the next round. These tourneys offer good perks and comps and other facilities to attract players and their grand prize depends on the number of contestants.

Win More and Lose Less in Craps Tournaments

Craps tournaments are slightly different from standard Craps. In a tournament you will make different bets than those you make in a standard game. Here you are not playing against any house or any group of players but every contestant is your competitor. In a tournament your aim must be to have more money at the end of a certain number of rolls. If every one happens to lose then the player with minimum loss will be the winner. In other words you have to lose less to win more.

Craps Tournament Strategy

Although the strategies adopted in Craps tournaments are quite similar to those of standard Craps but there are some variations. In Craps tournaments strategies are different in every rounds and it may vary according to casinos as well. For instance some casinos may not allow you to make proposition bets over a fixed amount and in some you have to make pass line bets or don’t pass line bets as additional bets.

In Craps tournaments it is essential to know whether or when you can add more money to your game. It is important to be fully armed with all the right information or you could be playing the wrong game. Generally in large tournaments where huge amount of money is involved the rules are demonstrated by the dealer before the game begins but small tourneys allows you to play with your money.

Guide on Playing Craps Tournaments

At the beginning of the tournament each contestant pays a single buy-in amount and based on that awarded a set of chip generally same for every contestant to ensure fair play. Just like table games the tourneys will hold different bets and each player must place his chips on the rack without concealing it, so that players can keep a track of each others win or loss. You have to manipulate your bankroll smartly to ensure a positive outcome.

Always bet minimum at the last round if you are the chip leader but if you are not then bet maximum in the last round. All players’ bankrolls are compared and a leader board shows the amount of chip stacks each player have. Players with the highest chip stack amount wins and qualify to the next round.

Craps tournaments can be a great way to test your skills if you are new player and want to perfect your skills at the game. For seasoned players, tournaments are a good way to hone and sharpen your gambling skills and win money for it as well.