No Download Craps – Instant Play Craps

In the old days of online gambling, there was only one way to play the games offered at a site – you downloaded the client they offered onto your computer, installed the software, and then started playing. If you weren’t comfortable putting gambling software on your computer, were using anything other than a Windows-based PC, or wanted to use a computer other than your own to play, you were out of luck.

In the last few years, however, most Internet casinos have started offering no download casino options to their sites. These instant play flash casinos allow players to play their favorite online games without having to download any software onto their computers. But why should craps players be interested in no download casinos?

For one, craps players who use Mac or Linux systems have long been limited in their options when it comes to downloadable casino clients. While the situation is improving, the real advance has come in instant play casinos, nearly all of which are accessible by players coming from any sort of operating system. Online craps players no longer have to worry about whether or not their favorite casino’s software client is Mac compatible, because the no download version almost certainly is.

The most obvious advantage that comes with using an instant play casino is that you don’t have to install anything on your personal computer. These days, most people are very wary about what they place on their computers. While the casinos recommended on this site are all very reputable and feature software that’s perfectly safe, it’s reasonable if you don’t want to take our word for it. An instant play Flash-based casino doesn’t require any sort of download or installation, providing a little extra security for your home machine. And unlike downloadable clients, a no download craps game doesn’t take up any of your hard drive space. This is especially important on older computers with smaller hard drives, where space is at a premium.

One last advantage to using a no download casino is the fact that it can be used from any computer, anywhere in the world. If you’re on a friend’s computer, in a public place, or even at work, downloading a gambling client might not be the smartest or most welcome idea. But with an instant play casino, you can play from any computer anytime you get the urge to play craps online, giving you a level of convenience you can’t get from a downloaded client.

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Disadvantages to No Download Craps

There are a few disadvantages when it comes to using an instant play casino instead of the downloadable version. For one, many no download casinos offer fewer games and options than their downloadable counterparts. If you want the maximum variety in gaming options, you’ll want to download a client before you play online craps.

The graphics and sound options in a no download craps game also tend to be less appealing than those in the full downloaded clients. Since the focus of an instant play client is to be as streamlined and fast as possible, flashy graphics aren’t a high priority. If you want the most enjoyable craps experience possible, you’re probably better off using the downloadable version of your casino’s software instead. No download casinos also tend to be somewhat less stable than the downloaded versions, as the downloadable clients have been more extensively tested and are better able to recover from any issues that might arise.

One last issue is that you’ll have to load the Flash craps game in your browser each time you want to play in a no download casino. To be fair, this is no longer a real problem for most users. However, if you’re connecting over a modem or on any relatively slow connection, this can be timely and frustrating, so it’s something to keep in mind when deciding how to play your online craps.

So, which option is better? Both clients you install on your computer and no download craps games have their advantages and disadvantages. As time goes on, the no download, instant play software offered by online casinos continues to improve, making playing craps in your favorite browser a more attractive idea every day. And for now, it’s the only game in town at most casinos for Mac craps players, so if you play on a Macintosh system, you’ll be doing most of your gambling at instant play casinos.

If you’re looking for a discrete, fast way of playing craps online, instant play casinos will give you the action you want without the hassle of downloading any software.