Die Rich Craps

It often seems like a new Craps game is invented and accepted every day. Die Rich Craps is such a game that is still waiting for its exposure to casinos around the world. In Die Rich Craps, only one die is used. Some of its features are similar to Craps but it differs in many ways. One of the first features that you will notice in Die Rich Craps when compared to normal Craps is that Die Rich typically moves at a much faster pace.

Ken Coleman, a dealer from Reno in Nevada, invented Die Rich Craps. The game has already made its mark at the Global Gaming Expo, an event promoting upcoming casino games. Die Rich Craps was also permitted a field test at Eldorado Hotel and Casino. The outcome was positive; so much so that the Luxor casino in Las Vegas accepted the game in 2006.

The Basics of the Game

Die Rich Craps is not played on a standard Craps table. Instead, it is played on small black jack-esque layouts. Only one die is tossed from a cup in Die Rich Craps just like there is only one shooter at a time in Craps. Similarly, in Die Rich craps, the win or loss of other players at the table depends on the win of the thrower. And due to this strategy, the game becomes faster and every player gets the maximum number of turns.

Rules of Die Rich Craps

The rules of Die Rich Craps are somewhat similar to Craps. The first roll is called the come out roll and if the come out roll is a 6, the players win their pass line bets at 1 to 1 odds. If the come out roll shows one, the pass line bet is lost. Finally, if the come out roll shows a 2, 3, 4 or 5, these numbers are automatically converted to points. This gives the thrower a chance to roll three more times.  If the thrower rolls a 1 in any of these additional rolls, the bet is lost.

When the second, third and fourth come out rolls consecutively result in points, the players are paid according to the odd listed on the table. If every single bet is lost, the turn goes to the next player. In association to the pass line bet, the amount can be wagered any time after the come out roll from 1 to 6. If this bet is won, it will be paid in 4 to 1 odds.

The Payouts in Die Rich Craps

* 6 on come out roll- 1 to 1
* Point on second roll – 2 to 1
* Point on third roll – 1 to 1
* Point on fourth roll – 2 to 1
* Proposition bet – 4 to 1

Is Die Rich Craps Better Than Regular Craps?

Die Rich Craps is a more interesting, faster and more interactive game than Craps. The table in this game is generally not overcrowded as it is in the case of a regular game of Craps. In addition, every player has an active participation in the game. Players do not have to wait long for their turns and the rules are clear and easily understandable for beginners. Pay outs and odds are less complicated compared to Craps.

While Die Rich Craps is currently waiting for more exposure at casinos across the world, the number of advantages the game offers, seems to secure the future of craps. Much like the recent development of Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker, Craps may have received a 21st century makeover with the development of Die Rich Craps.