Free Odds Bet

A free odds bet refers to a 2nd bet that can be made by players who have made line bets. It is called a free bet because they can make a bet that has no house edge.

How the Free Odds Bet Works

- After the shooter has established the point players who have made a line bet are eligible to make the bet.

- In most cases in online Craps the size of the free bet is usually the same size of the line bet.

- The free bet is on the point number.

- You are effectively doubling the size of your bet on winning the round, with no extra house edge against you.

- This is a smart bet to make and a lot of Craps players make it.

- You can make a free bet on both a Pass Line and Don’t Pass bet.

- Depending what the point is will determine the odds you receive on the free bet.

So let’s put the free bet into perspective so it becomes clear to you. If you are betting $10 on a line bet (Pass Line or Don’t Pass) and the point has been made. You can now make a $10 bet on the point.

Odds of the Free Bet in Craps

The odds for the points are as follows (For a $10 line bet):

4 or 10 = 2 to 1. Therefore when you make your $10 free bet you receive $20 + the $20 you won the from the line bet. In total you receive $40 for $20 worth of bets.

5 or 9 = 3 to 2. With your $10 free bet you receive $15. So when you add your original line bet you $35 back for your total of $20 in bets.

5 or 6 = 6 to 5. (6/5)x10 = $12. So you get $32 back for your $20 in bets.

As you can see you get better odds when the point is 4 or 10 because the probability of that occurring is less than the 5 or 6 occurring. Hence why you receive a better return on your bet.

The Free Odds Bet is a Good One to Make

Regardless of what the point number is, it is always a good idea to take advantage of the free odds bet on offer. It sways the odds ever so slightly in your favour, so over time you will see an increase in your winnings.

It isn’t very often when a casino will offer you a bet with no house edge. Craps is a game of chance so if you follow this simple rule, you will be better off.

Implement the free odds bet into your Craps strategy and you have a better chance of winning more money. Playing the free bet will also add more variance to your Craps game.