How to Win at Craps

Winning when you play online Craps is a mixture of both implementing the best strategies possible and controlling your emotions during the session. If you make sensible bets and stick to your original strategy without straying from your game plan, you are well on your way to optimising your Craps game. However, it is also important to recognize when a strategy is flawed and cut your losses.

Strict Craps Bankroll Management

The best way to control our bankroll is to make optimal bets. This means sticking to bets that have a low house edge. Betting on the Pass Line and the Don’t Pass Line only carries a house edge of 1.41%. The Come and Don’t Come bets also fall into this category. When you compare this house edge to some of the proposition bets that have a house edge of over 10% then you can begin to understand why it is more sensible to make these bets.

Proposition Bets are Bad

Another rule you should abide by when playing Craps online is to stay clear of proposition bets. True, these bets offer odds better than the other types of bets on the Craps table. However, the house edge on proposition bets is equally high, above what many players would consider to be fair. If you are serious about winning when you play Craps, simply stick to the line bets because they have the lowest house edge.

Free Odds Bets are Good

Take full advantage of the free odds bets. If you aren’t familiar with the free odds bet, you should read this article on how it works. This bet allows you to increase the size of your bet when a point number has been established. When you increase your bet, you will not be giving the house any greater edge. This is actually the smartest bet that you can make when you are playing Craps games. Most experienced players make pass line or don’t pass line bets and take advantage of free odds bets during every game.

Don’t Let Emotion Beat You

Perhaps one of the fundamental mistakes that gamblers make is that they let emotion take over from making smart decisions. When it comes to playing Craps, this is no exception. You should have a clear goal of how much money you want to win before you start the session. This rule should be ingrained in your psyche so as soon as you meet your original Craps goals, you can stop playing the game.

Stop Chasing Losses

Chasing losses and making bets that you normally wouldn’t make is not what this online casino guide recommends. The house has a better edge on the bets that have higher odds, so in the long term we will lose a lot more than we will gain. The best way to win at Craps is to stick to our guns. Don’t let the game influence how we play. It can be tempting to make larger odds bets to make up for continued losses on smarter bets. This is a very poor strategy that can result in crushing losses above and beyond what you originally meant to make up for.

Go in with a clear mind, play your optimal Craps strategy and you will likely be successful over the long run. After all, you likely play Craps for the fun and excitement of the game. With that in mind, no one can debate that winning at Craps is a lot more fun that losing.