Craps on a Mac

Since the development of online casinos, many people have been enjoying the benefits of playing Craps without having to leave their home. For people that did not have the luxury of having a local offline casino, online casinos were a very welcome addition. However, the first online casinos were not designed to be compatible with Macintosh computers.

With the introduction of Mac friendly online casinos, the fun of playing online Craps has multiplied for all users. Obviously Mac users can now enjoy playing Craps online and PC users can enjoy playing at online casinos with more web site traffic.

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Craps on a MAC is Safe

With the growing popularity of Mac computers, many online casinos have begun offering Mac compatible Flash software for such gamblers. In particular, Bodog casino offers safe and secure Mac Craps games that are not playable on PCs. For users that value safety, Flash Mac Craps software that is not even available on Mac simulators designed for PCs has the potential to reduce the chances that online thieves will target you while enjoying Bodog’s Mac Craps software.

In addition, Mac computers have a reputation for being the target of viruses, spy ware and bugs much less often then PCs. This only adds to the safety and security of using a Mac computer to play Craps online. When making deposits or withdrawals to online casino accounts for Craps games, having a Mac computer can sometimes be one more security benefit to protect your online money.

Online Craps on a MAC

The best casino for playing Craps on a MAC is easily Bovada. They have fully integrated their casino to be compatible for MAC users. The research that we have done concludes that most players think this is best online casino for MAC users.

Features of MAC Compatible Casinos

Another exciting feature of playing craps on a Macintosh is that it offers non downloading software. Usually, you have to download gaming software to play online Craps to enjoy every feature of the web site. However, no-download Mac software typically includes all of the same features that are available for PC users that download the software. For people that prefer not to put casino software on their home computer or enjoy playing Craps on a Mac computer that is not their own, playing Mac casino software that is not downloaded is a great option.

Flash Version – Play Craps in Your Browser

With the Mac format for craps games, (the flash version) an instant casino can be created with the click of a mouse through a code. All a player has to do is to open their browser to play online Craps. Anyone can do it with the use of a standard browser and just log in to the game.

MAC Software Download

Craps usually only becomes interesting if presented through animations and graphics that simulate the feeling of playing Craps at a real casino. On Macintosh computers, you do not lose any of these features. With most Macintosh software at online Craps casinos, you can also adjust the intensity or frequency of Craps animations. For players that want to enjoy Craps of their Mac computer without the flash, this is a welcome feature.

The Macintosh version of Craps has made online Craps a far more interesting, interactive and secure game to play. There are large numbers of online casinos that offer Mac software.

You Can Now Play Craps on a MAC

Before the development of Mac software at online casinos, Mac users were faced with a crippling problem. They had a computer from one fo the best software manufacturers in the world, but most software was only compatible on the PC. Today, online casinos have solved this problem by developing Mac Craps software for all visitors. Fast animations, crisp graphics, no Mac computer downloads, and a safe and secure presentation makes online craps a better game on a Mac.