Craps Etiquette

Although etiquette guidelines are normally not considered strict rules, they are an important part of the game. By following Craps etiquette guidelines, you can ensure that they game is fun for everyone involved. The guidelines that every player should follow (but are not normally required by gaming institutions) are known as Craps Etiquette.

Why Do we Have Craps Etiquette?

This code of conduct was specially designed to ensure a fair game and good communication among Craps players. Sometimes, Craps cheating methods like loaded dice are used to give players an unfair advantage over others. Loaded dice are specially altered dice to put the odds in favor of the player. Cheating in Craps falls under both the rules and etiquette of the game. There were two different forms of loaded dice; weighted and non-weighted dice.

Weighted dice are made by making a side of the dice heavier so that it is more likely to show a specific number after it is rolled. This is because the heavy side typically tends to fall downwards and show the opposite side when it stops rolling.

In non-weighted dice, two edges of the dice are filed to be round while leaving the other two sharp. The rounded edge will roll easily and have fewer chances to land on a toss.

To restrict such cheating and fraud, a system has been devised by developing several etiquette guidelines and Craps rules.

Craps Etiquette to Protect Casinos

• The normal size of the dice should be 3 to 4 inches with sharp edges and corners and must be transparent to prevent any kind of hidden weight.

• In a casino, dice must be thrown using only one hand.

• If any player wants to exchange the dice from one hand to the other, they must first put the dice down on the table and then lift it up with the other hand.

• When a dice is thrown, it must bounce off the opposite wall and then bounce back to be accepted.

• While handling a die, it must never be taken beyond the edge of the table.

• For a better concentration on the game, any nonessential items to Craps such as drinks, cell phones or cigars should not be placed on the table.

• If a dice is obstructed on its roll by any object, the number that shows after the removal of the obstructing object will be the true result of the roll.

• To be eligible for the game, you must place your money or chips right in front of you on the table. The dealer will move it to the center of the table where the “Box Man” will verify the count and accept it.

Craps Etiquette to Keep Players Happy

With these principles there are certain superstitions as well that are now considered part of Craps Etiquette.

• The dice must not be changed in the middle of the round.

• If the dice jumps off the table by any mistake in mid round, it will be verified and the same dice will be accepted (in most cases).

• You should not say the word “seven” in the middle of the round and instead say “big red”. It is considered to be bad luck to mention the word “seven” and players will frown upon doing so.

Regular craps players soon become aware and well versed with craps etiquette, which is pretty much standardized across the various offline casinos. Of course, etiquette normally does not come into play in online Craps. If you’re new to the game and want to play at an offline casino, you should learn the standardized set of etiquette rules to avoid embarrassment and make the game of Craps enjoyable for everyone.