Become a Craps Dealer

Nothing can be better than choosing a profession about which you are passionate. If you have an interest in Craps (and think you are a player who has mastered this game), then you might consider choosing a career as a Craps Dealer.

Being a Craps dealer has a number of advantages. However,  it certainly isn’t for everyone. You should weigh the pros and cons before you make your decision. Below is a list of some of the things to take into consideration before entering the Craps dealer world.

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Advantages of Being a Craps Dealer

Medical Leave and Holidays

In the event that you get sick or need medical attention, most casinos offer days off until you are able to work again. Just like any job, however, you must provide documentation to prove that you are sick. In addition, many casinos offer time off for the holidays. If you are a Craps dealer at a casino that remains open during most holidays, you might also expect to receive extra pay per hour if you are required to work.

Tips from Customers

Most good Craps dealers make a great deal of money on tips from their customers. This is one of the main perks of being a Craps dealer. The game of Craps tends to attract high rollers. Because of this, you can often expect large tips just for doing your job well.

Flexible working hours

You may get to decide how many hours you will work and be paid accordingly. There are no hard and fast rules unless you work on strict contracts.

Free Meals

Most casinos will provide you with a free meal at least once a day. In addition, you may also find that you are allowed to enjoy free non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day.

Job opportunity for the elderly

If you think you have nothing to do to earn your living after 55, this job option is perfect with medical leave and free meals and holidays.

Free job training

Most casinos will be willing to sponsor your training at a Craps dealer school if they find you perfect for the job. They may even provide you with the chance to handle multiple games as on-job training to increase your skills.

Disadvantages of Being a Craps Dealer

There are a few downsides to being a Craps dealer that should be considered before applying at a casino.

Schedule is often inconvenient

Craps dealers are usually required to work on holidays and weekends. Also, they are frequently obliged to work overtime hours – sometimes for many days in a row.

Poor job security

Casinos can fire a Craps dealer for seemingly innocuous actions or, in some cases, for no reason at all.

The pay is often quite low

Many Craps dealers depend on tips in order to make a living, however, keep in mind that tips are also taxable.

Constantly smoky environment

Many casinos still allow smoking indoors, so dealers end up breathing cigarette smoke for hours on end.

Qualities Needed to be a Craps Dealer

  • You must typically have a clean legal and financial record to become a Craps dealer. Situations that might bar you from becoming a Craps dealer include a bankruptcy, felony conviction, drug conviction or multiple misdemeanors.
  • Most casinos operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. For this reason, you should make sure that you have a fairly flexible work schedule before applying.
  • Great Craps dealers are always good with people because a major part of their earning comes from customer tips. A Craps Dealer should be kind and welcoming to players and strive to provide the optimum entertainment for everyone involved in the game.
  • You must be a swift decision maker. Be careful about the various bets made on your table and track the winning bets on every roll.
  • Being a master in Craps won’t be enough to be a successful dealer. There are a number of training schools that will polish your skills and help you through the process of your first interview. Choose training schools that have tie ups with casinos for a better career opportunity.
  • If you do well enough to make a good impression on your first interview, the casino may offer you training on the job or help with the cost of your training.

    The profession of a craps dealer starts with a passion for Craps. However, you must know the finer intricacies of the game before you can become a fully qualified Craps dealer. It is a fun and exciting profession and, if you are passionate about gambling, it could be an ideal choice for you.