How to Apply for a Craps Dealer Job

Applying for any kind of job can be a difficult experience. Trying to become a craps dealer is often no different. Those who have experience as a craps dealer will likely have few problems applying for the position elsewhere, but for inexperienced people looking to get into the career it can be a bit daunting.

Skills Needed as a Craps Dealer

Before even applying for a craps dealer job it’s important to recognize the skills needed to succeed in the job.  First and foremost, a craps dealer must know how the game of craps functions. They must also be able to consistently follow the game as it progresses during their work shift and be able to quickly pick up on games when they must enter into a game after their work break. A craps dealer must be proficient in basic math skills involving card counting, chips counting and understanding odds. Perhaps the most important skill, though, is the need to be extroverted and amicable with the various kinds of players that the game of craps attracts.

It’s necessary to consider these skills relative to your own personal characteristics before thinking about pursuing a job as a craps dealer. Some of these skills can be easily taught along the way, but being naturally good at quick math or being naturally extroverted is always a good start.

More About Dealers

Craps Dealer’s School

Any casino resort will not be able to hire anyone as a craps dealer if they do not have their dealer license. These dealer’s schools can be located near most popular gambling locales, with Las Vegas containing the majority of them. The schools offer 6-8 week courses on whatever particular dealer position that fancies you, and will help you learn the ins and outs of the game of craps, the job responsibilities of a dealer and general casino etiquette

Consider taking this course before searching for crap dealer openings. Alternatively, one can look for casinos that have craps dealer openings and ask them if they are affiliated or recommend a specific dealer’s school. Certain casinos will have ties or networks with specific dealer’s schools which can then help you land crap dealer positions that aren’t normally posted through job listings

Craps Dealers Job Boards

For those who do not have the luck of teaming up with a dealer’s school that is linked to a certain casino, conventional job searching techniques will have to be used. Remember that no casino will offer a job to a person who does not live nearby. You’ll have to live in or around the area of the job market in order to even have a chance. 

The first stop is at the various casino related job boards that are available on the internet. These job boards are extremely handy as they list any job that is under a company casino resort. Patience will be key as it may take up to several weeks to find a suitable craps dealer position opening. However, once an opening does come along, it’s important to be forward about it by making telephone inquiries or by making a walk-in at the establishment.

For inexperienced candidates, walk-ins are a good starting point that allows you to potentially interact face to face with the management staff. Since employers like dealers who know about customer service, this is also a good time to come across as a courteous and knowledgeable candidate.

Craps Dealer Job Interviews

Dealer’s school will be able to show candidates a few tips on how to get the best experience out of an interview. It’s important to remember the aforementioned skills that a craps dealer needs, as interviewers will assume that you are adept at performing the necessary requirements. If the staff does not make a decision at the interview, contact the human resources department afterwards to check on your status.

Helpful Tips for Craps Dealer Applicants

It’s extremely important not to bluff your way into a job. Casino floor room staff is well versed in picking out people who know what they are doing and those who don’t. Bluffing about your knowledge and know how about the game and how to be a dealer may get you past the interview but it may get you stuck down the road when floor management and the box man are keeping an eye on your work.

Keep in mind that you may not even receive a full time job from the start. While full time openings for craps dealer do occur, there usually isn’t a plethora of full time job openings all at the same time while some aren’t even advertised. You’re more likely to get in on the part time list, where you’ll be able to gain some hours and working experience. Part timers still receive an hourly rate and income from tips but do not have the privilege of other benefits like health care. Part timers usually will have first crack at full time openings.

As a dealer, it is best to learn several table games and become proficient at them. Not only will this improve your experience in the general skills of being a dealer but it will also allow you to offer more than one skill to prospective employers. Casinos often have their own hybrid games that are essentially regular games like blackjack or craps but with a twist. Craps dealers are always prepared to learn new games during their stay at any casino. Training and informational meetings are usually held by casino management to keep all the dealers on the same page.

Entry Jobs Craps Dealer Jobs

For inexperienced candidates it’s necessary to maintain a realistic perspective. You will likely not start out at a top tier prestigious casino as a craps dealer unless you have some particular network connections. Aim realistically by scouring the smaller casino for craps dealer openings, even for part time positions. This will help you receive the experience you need to transfer your skills to another location later on. While shooting for the positions offered in the main room of a top tier casino is normal, some craps dealers may prefer the environment and lower pressure of the small casinos instead. This preference varies from individual to individual.