Playing Free Craps

As craps has experienced a slight revival in popularity thanks to the advent of online casinos, there has been an emergence of new players looking to get into the game of craps by learning and playing for free. As craps is a traditional table game, the methods of learning were often performed by keen observation, reading up on the subject and slowly working up experience through modest bets. However, the proliferation of online casinos has changed the landscape of table games such as craps. People now have access to information on the Internet on how to learn craps and, most importantly, have access to various ways of playing the game for free.

Learning Craps for Free

When it comes to gambling games, the best way to first start learning a specific game is by playing it in a situation that is free of financial consequences. This offers a way to learn pressure free and lets one explore all the possibilities that can occur in a game such as craps. A variety of online sites offer informative pages on how to learn and play craps but to really learn, one has to have some sort of interactive gaming format.’s Java based craps games is an excellent place to start. Using rudimentary graphics, an entire standard casino craps table is displayed with all the necessary options of a conventional game of craps. The java applet is optimized to give you proper betting odds that a craps dealer would normally offer and provides you with information on what actions you need to take.

Not only are these places a free and introductory way to get started, they’re also appropriate to hone your skills in calculating odds or for simple leisure play. Quick access to information on table layout, odds for all possible bets, glossary of craps terms and general winning strategies takes the gaming experience further.

Other Quick and Free Craps Options

Aside from’s java based craps game, there are other similar flash based games available via a simple internet search. All of them feature a standard craps table outlay and randomized dice generators. These games offer their service for free, and players can try several of them to hone their skills and possibly eventually identify variances in the odds between games as they get better.

Online Free Craps Casinos

The most comprehensive places to play free games of craps are through the variety of online casinos that are available. While a majority of the online casinos focus on slots games, all of them do carry a host of specialty and table games such as craps. These online casinos offer better graphics and sounds through their download-able software.

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Many casinos allow you to register for an initial practice account without requiring financial information while others require you to register for a regular account that will give you the option to play in practice mode afterwards. For those who are looking for a more immersive way to play free craps, online casinos are the best choice. Additionally, with the option of playing for real money always available, players can often easily transition between playing for free and playing with real wagers.

Certain online casinos such as even allow you to play their craps game for free on their website without having to sign up for an account. Other sites that maintain the ability for players to play casino games via flash software embedded into the web page also offer free craps. It’s important to remember that certain casinos prohibit players from specific countries from creating an account regardless if they are only looking to play in practice mode. However, the vast array of online casinos means that there are several casino options for players located in any particular country.

Purchasing a Craps Table to Play for Free On

While free online rudimentary craps games and big time online casino software allows one to play a virtual form of craps for free and for money, these methods all lack the particular feel of a real life full sized craps table. While a virtual craps game can mimic the basic outlay of a craps table and offers realistic odds, they simply cannot compare to the feel that comes from actually playing in a casino on an actual craps table with a real dealer, box man, stick man and opponents.

Extremely interested craps aficionados can always purchase their own craps table. As a professional craps table is often rather elaborate, prices are not for the faint of heart with most professional tables ranging from $2,500 to $4,000. This certainly is not a common option for those who want to play craps for free, but for a group of people who are interested in holding amateur nights of craps, there’s no better way to get the experience than a real life craps table.

Most importantly, having your own professional craps table allows you to mimic the surfaces that a dice is subjected to. Professional craps tables contain pyramids on the back wall and a felt surface purpose made for generating random dice rolls.

Free Craps Dice Practice

However, even most craps aficionados will never want to spend upwards of $3,000 on a professional craps table to play for free on simply because that kind of bankroll is better spent for gambling on an actual craps table in a casino or at an online casino. But, there are still methods available to allow players the ability to freely play and practice the visceral feel and technique that comes with rolling the dice set.

A rudimentary craps dice station can be created using a chair, a box and a mattress. By placing a box on the chair, one is able to mimic the deep walls that an ordinary craps table is surrounded by. Standing behind the chair allows one to use the back of the chair as the table boundary. This then requires the player to arch down to pick up the dice set from the box. A mattress or a large amount of plush material similar to the felt craps table material can be used as the landing zone. Players can then play a free form of craps that allows you to hone in on your dice control technique.