Craps Online vs Live Craps

For millions of people around the world, Craps is one of the most fast paced and exciting casino game available online. Today, playing online Craps has become somewhat of a trend. Online casino enthusiasts support the various benefits of never having to leave their home to enjoy a game of Craps for real money. However, frequent visitors of offline Craps casinos will point to the real casino atmosphere that simply cannot be matched online.

The rules and regulations of online and offline Craps are very similar and the way the game is played remains generally the same. For that reason, the decision to play Craps online or live is ultimately up to personal preference or taste.

Live Casino Craps

The exciting atmosphere of a live Craps casino can seldom be matched by online Craps play. Playing in a live casino is an experience like no other. Many casinos even offer specials like free drinks and meals to the players. Many live casino visitors enjoy this VIP treatment that makes even a modest bankroll seem like a million dollar bank account. The high roller Craps players at live casinos even get free shows, private rooms and sometimes gifts and free products to entice them to return.

Craps Online

Many people, on the other hand, prefer to play craps online as it can be more relaxing. In addition, Craps online can provide players from around the world with the opportunity to enjoy Craps, even if there is not a live casino within 1,000 miles of their home. With Craps Online, gamblers can also have access to a great deal more betting options than when they play Craps at a live casino. Most importantly, many online Craps casinos offer gamblers free money bonuses for enjoying their favorite game. When is the last time that you walked into a live casino and were given a free $2,000 just by setting up a cash account with $200? One need not go out to any casino to play craps but can simply sit at home and play at the best casino online.

Knowledge of Craps

Before betting on Craps, every gambler should make it a point to acquire the basic knowledge of Craps such as the rules, types of bets and the concept behind the game. When playing Craps online, you can easily learn this information before even participating in the game. It’s easier to know, learn and understand the strategies of the game and this can ultimately help players improve the way they play craps online. It may not be possible to collect the same amount of correct information while you are playing in a live casino. Even before playing at a live casino, it can be valuable to play Craps online to make sure you understand every aspect of the game before going public.

Obligations at the Craps Table

At most live casinos, you must make a real money bet to play the game. This makes it nearly impossible to learn the game of Craps at a live casino without first losing money by making bets that you may not initially understand. However, at online Craps casinos, you can almost always play the game for free before making your first bet. Players can easily practice with free Craps games and get an idea and understanding of the game before playing for real money.


The drawback of playing craps online is that there is a lack of interaction between the players because it’s only between you and the computer. Players still enjoy the excitement immensely when they play online, but there still is a different atmosphere when you play live.

Number Generation

Online, each result of a dice roll is determined by a Random Number Generator. At a live casino it all comes down to the actual roll of the dice by a player. While both methods are open to cheaters, the security at online Craps casinos is arguably much stronger than at live Craps casinos. If someone attempts to cheat, there is always a log that can tell investigators who tempered with their software. At live casinos, only the security officers and cameras can catch cheaters. This can often make cheating at a live casino much easier to accomplish than online.

Peace & Quiet

Since Craps is a game which requires a great deal of concentration, there are many Craps players that prefer a peaceful and quiet atmosphere while they’re playing. For them, playing online is the best option because they cannot expect a casino to be a quiet and calm place. With every casino game operating in the same relative space, there might be a great deal of activity and noise unrelated to the game of Craps. For non-smokers, being able to enjoy online Craps without having to spend hours in a very smoky atmosphere is a prime benefit.

While there are many gamblers who enjoy both the electric atmosphere and the peacefulness of the game, in most cases, only one or the other is really possible. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preferences. Many players play at online Craps casinos when they don’t have time to make a trip to a live casino and save the big bets for the live action. For players that want to reap the benefits of both live and online play, this can be the best Craps option.