Craps Cheating

Loaded Dice in Craps

Cheating in Craps is a strictly punishable offence all over the world. In fact, cheating is possible anywhere money is involved. Craps has everything that can easily tempt someone to try cheating if honesty doesn’t favor the game.

In Craps, cheating is not as much of a consideration as several other casino games. Although casinos adopt a number of security measures to restrict cheating, players must always be aware of the common methods of cheating at Craps.

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How to Prevent Cheating in Craps

* Be aware of your chips. You never know when someone hanging around the rails of the Craps table will try to steal some of  your chips when your full concentration is on the game.

* Cheating at the Craps table is common with loaded dice. A player may throw the dice on the floor while tossing it and exchange it with loaded dice while picking it up. A loaded die is heavier on one side so when it lands, the heavier side faces down and the opposite side faces up, helping the cheating player win more rounds.

*There are several non-weighted dice that are also used to cheat at Craps. These are slightly rounded at two corners so that the rounded part does not balance to land on the table. Inspect the dice carefully before rolling it. Although every player must use Craps dice provided by the casino, you never know when a person may have switched them out.

* Post positioning is a form of cheating where a player bets after the dice has been rolled. In post positioning, the player will be quiet until the tossing of the dice. After the dice have been rolled, he will place his bet and ask for a change as soon as the dice lands on the table.

* Practice rolling is a very common form of cheating where the cheater masters the art of throwing dice. A practice roller will place the number he wants in face up position while holding the dice. Then he will throw the dice in such a way that the number that he was holding face up will land exactly in the same way every time. This practice requires a great effort and the art is not technically wrong. However, casinos will show the door to someone caught doing it.

Don’t Cheat at Craps

Cheating at the Craps table has been punished many times and should never be practiced online or in a casino. Some players are caught and go unreported while others are publicly embarrassed for their actions. For instance, in 2001, a gambler was sentenced to seven years in prison for post positioning at a Craps table.

You may also think that, if players can cheat, the casinos can cheat as well. However, the security check on gambling providers is stricter than players. Both online and offline casinos are subject to the same legal regulations to verify that they are operating under fair and accurate circumstances.