Penalties for Craps Cheating

As if risking money at the craps table or other casino games didn’t include enough risk or challenge, some people decide they will try to cheat at craps. The problem is as old as the game, certainly. As far back as the dice-loving Roman emperors who tried to use loaded dice or steal bets, players of craps (or its historical predecessors) have looked for ways to circumvent the traditional means of winning.

Using loaded dice or some otherwise altered dice was very common in street craps games. Casinos have always tried to run tight security around their games, but of course some exceptions slip by and someone manages to attempt cheating at craps. And gets caught.

Getting caught cheating should at least hold some stigma for the offender. Yet stigma isn’t always enough to prevent someone from cheating at craps. Much more severe penalties do exist for patrons and players who are found craps cheating.

Street Craps Cheating Penalties

In the past (and probably still in the present), penalties for cheating at street craps varied widely depending on who was involved. In a neighborhood street craps game, the cheating player might get a sound beating or be the target of ridicule, after getting beat up by his fellow players. 

Cheating at street craps can return a little more serious consequence, if you happen to be playing in a particularly rough area or high crime area where folks are likely to be carrying guns or knives. Gangs or mafia members are also not the kind of people you want to try to cheat at craps. Penalties usually involve (no joke) swift and sudden death or significant injury. If you get off with just repayments, then the interest on your “borrowed” amount is likely to be very high. Truly, the ideas for movies come from real life occurrences.

Penalties for Craps Cheating In Casinos

More likely, people trying to cheat at craps are doing so in either low-tech or high-tech ways in a casino setting. The potential payoff is perhaps better, if the offender can avoid getting caught. One very common way people cheat at craps is by stealing other players chips. Sad, but true. Not only trying to make a buck off the casino, these cheaters loiter around the craps table, usually not playing or betting but waiting for moments of distraction when they can grab the chips from an overzealous (and not paying attention) player.

Similar to the street craps penalties, its highly possible that the first consequence of this kind of cheating will be a fist to the face. However, more serious penalties follow. Whether a person is caught ripping off chips, trying to magnetize or wire the table or slip in loaded dice, the offender is in very hot water.

Major gambling states like Nevada, New Jersey and those growing with live casino play such as Pennsylvania write laws detailing the penalties for casino cheating, at craps, poker, roulette, blackjack or slots. Video surveillance as well as live security officers are trained to watch for suspicious persons or potentially illicit activity.

In Nevada, being caught cheating at any casino is a felony offense, depending on the form and amount of the cheats. Depending on the state laws where the casino is located, the penalties for craps cheating range from immediate escorted removal from the casino and immediate confiscation of any or all winnings to being arrested and charged with theft.

Depending on the theft charges and their severity, an offender can be ordered to pay large fines in addition to returning the stolen property, may spend a certain length of time in jail or be sued for damages by the casino. Casino employees caught cheating or colluding with a player to cheat will also be immediately terminated and will also likely face fines or jail time for their internal cheating.

Additionally, some offenders due to the nature or scope of their craps cheating, will even be placed in Las Vegas’ “little black book.” Literally, a record is kept of all persons who have been permanently banned from any or all Las Vegas casinos. From that point forward it is illegal for a listed person to even step foot in one of the Vegas casinos. Pennsylvania has also introduced a similar “Involuntary Casino Exclusion List,” which keeps a permanent record of former players banned from any casino in the state.

If You See Someone Cheating At Craps

Being a savvy player, you have taken the expert advice that its useful to pay attention to your surroundings. While doing so, you notice that one player seems to be making late bets, quietly putting bets in place once the dice have landed (post positioning) while everyone is excitedly gathering wins or lamenting losses.

The best thing you can do as a player suspicious of this activity is leave the table calmly, as if you were going to use the restroom, and immediately alert one of the casino floor staff walking around to secure the games. Don’t try to publicly point out the problem or create a scene. Alerting trained staff will allow the issue to be handled in the most effective manner.

The penalties for craps cheating do vary from place to place, but a person trying to beat the system and get away with it should expect that they’ll be caught. Instead, stick with throwing the dice. The payoffs may not be as grand, but the penalties are a lot less expensive overall.