Craps Cheating FAQ

Any time that money is involved, some people will do anything they can to get their share of it. When it comes to Craps, this is no different. Although cheating at Craps isn’t as popular or well-known as cheating in poker or blackjack, it does exist, and there are a variety of ways in which players try (and sometimes succeed) to cheat at Craps.

Is Cheating at Craps Illegal?

The short answer is yes. Cheating at craps is highly illegal, and virtually any casino that finds a player cheating at any of their games will immediately report that player to law enforcement agencies, in addition to banning the player from the casino. This Craps Cheating FAQ is intended to be for entertainment purposes only, and is not meant to be a how-to guide that supports casino cheating. When you cheat, you should expect to be caught, and any additional money you win by cheating at Craps will be heavily outweighed by the potential ramifications.

What is the Easiest Way to Cheat at Craps?

One of the easiest and most common ways of cheating at Craps is to simply steal another player’s chips. Craps is a game that involves a lot of excitement. During a contentious stage of the game, such as when the Shooter is rolling the dice, a cheater may try to take advantage of the distraction by grabbing a few of his fellow gambler’s chips and adding them to his own stack. In addition, a cheater may hang around the craps table without actually playing or making any wagers, looking for an opportunity to grab some chips. This form of Craps cheating is especially disrespectful, since you’re stealing money directly from other players as opposed to the house.

What are Loaded Dice?

Loaded dice are any dice that have been tampered with in order to influence the outcome of their roll. Typically, loaded dice will either have an additional weight inside, or rounded edges. The goal of cheating with loaded dice is to have the die fall on one side more often than the others. Most casinos use red, transparent dice that all you to see through them. If there were a weight inside, you’d most likely be able to detect it. It is also advisable to feel the edges of the dice before playing with them. The corners and edges should not be rounded off, especially if one edge is rounded more than the others.

Craps cheaters will often try to create a distraction, such as dropping the legitimate dice or moving them away from the table in order to switch in their loaded dice. Be sure to watch for this when playing Craps at any live casino.

What is a Craps Cheat Sheet?

A Craps cheat sheet is a sheet of paper that details the various bets you can make in Craps, as well as their payoffs and odds. Although this isn’t necessarily a direct form of cheating, most casinos frown upon players who bring Craps cheat sheets to the table. In addition, using a Craps cheat sheet isn’t always the best way to improve your chances, since it serves as a distraction that shouldn’t be necessary. Instead of brining a cheat sheet to the Craps table, it’s advisable to learn some basic information about the game first. Many of the bets that you can make while playing Craps are bad ideas anyways. Streamline your game by learning the best wagers that have the lowest house edge, and make those wagers exclusively unless you’re looking to take some big risks.

What are Late Bets?

Late bets are any wagers that come in after the dice have been tossed by the shooter. The dice land, the winning number is called out, and the cheating player quickly moves some of his chips onto the winning spot of the board. Sometimes, this is possible because other players are celebrating and distracted. However, dealers are trained to pay attention to this sort of cheating specifically. Even if the dealer doesn’t immediately notice it, security camera are rolling, and cheaters will have to face serious consequences once the security footage is reviewed.

Does the Casino Ever Try to Cheat at Craps?

Generally, no; casinos already have a house edge, and there’s just no reason for them to rig their games in order to create an additional edge. Casinos rely heavily on their reputation in order to attract and maintain customers, and even the smallest cheating scandal would destroy this reputation. Of course, some casinos are more reputable than others, so you should always use your better judgment if you suspect foul play.

It’s also possible, however improbable, that an individual dealer may try to cheat at Craps, unbeknownst to the casino. If the casino ever caught the dealer doing this, he would be fired immediately. Cheating just isn’t worth it, for all parties involved.

What Should I Do if I Spot Someone Cheating at Craps?

If you have a strong suspicion that a player at your table is cheating, the best solution is to quietly leave the table and inform the casino’s floor staff. Openly accusing the cheater is usually a poor choice for a couple of reasons. First, the cheater will obviously deny that he’s been cheating, and will likely leave the casino with chips that may have rightfully been yours before the authorities have a chance to confront him. Second, anyone bold or crazy enough to cheat in a live casino may have an unbalanced personality. Although it’s very important to help prevent casino cheating, it’s also very important to maintain your personal safety. Casino staff will be much better equipped to deal with cheaters.

Craps cheating is simply too risky to ever be a good idea. You’ll be much more satisfied with your winnings when you achieve them fairly. Cheating at craps may seem enticing initially, but the consequences, including being banned from the casino, huge fines, and even jail time, outweigh the possible benefits.